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  • Provision of anti-snake: we provide anti-snake venom/serum to victims of snakebite, especially in rural Kenya.
  • Rehabilitation program: We also rehabilitate those that have lost a limb or vision as a result of attacks by linking them to rehabilitation centers and supporting them to become useful members of the community.
  • Research: We are involved in research into venom production, snake species, behavior and ecology.
  • Policy: Policy formulation and guidelines in snakebite management.
  • Health promotion: We are involved in sensitizing the community on various aspects of primary healthcare, first aid, infection prevention, wound care and general community health through health campaigns and promotions.
  • Training: We are involved in community training as well as health care workers on matters pertaining snakebite. We also train them on how to prevent snakebites around their homes
  • Community empowerment: we empower community through advocacy information on compensation in cases of valid human wild life conflict.