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  • The SNABIRC-KENYA team toured parts of Baringo County, one of the counties with a serious problem of frequent snakebites. The team interacted with the community and got first-hand information on what exactly happens when a person is bitten by a snake. The team also met a local “snake doctor” who gave a narrative on how snakebites are treated locally by use of the famous black stoned believed to “cure” snakebites. 


  • The SNABIRC-KENYA team met with the local leadership of the Kampi Ya Samaki area in Baringo County. The leaders, who included the chief’s representative and other leaders, expressed their concern over the rampant and rising cases of snakebites. They also expressed joy as they received the Snabirc-Kenya team and the hope that the team will bring to the local community to mitigate this problem.