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  1. Community sensitization: We sensitize communities on snakebite prevention through practical interventions

  2. Advocacy: We advocate for better access of quality antivenom through policy involvement in collaboration with national and county governments.

  3. Community Economic Empowerment: As part of our rehabilitation program, we empower communities and victims of snakebite to be economically independent and develop skills that will help improve their living standards. We also empower groups within the communities by providing economic skills and support.

  4. Support for women and girls: Most snakebite victims are women and girls because of the nature of their daily chores. We emphasize on women and girl empowerment by proving them with a platform to make decisions about her health.

  5. Rehabilitation program: Snakebite victims that become physically and visually disabled are linked to rehabilitation centers that will enable learn a skill or an art to become useful members of the community.

  6. Research and Information: In collaboration with learning institutions, we are involved in research into venom, snake species, snake behavior, natural snake habitat and ecology.

  7. Policy: Policy formulation and guidelines in snakebite management, in collaboration with county and national governments.

  8. Health promotion: We are involved in sensitizing the community on various aspects of primary healthcare, first aid, infection prevention, wound care and general community health through health campaigns and promotions.

  9. Training: We train, schools as well as health care workers on matters pertaining snakebite prevention and basic snakebite management

  10. Community empowerment: we empower community through advocacy by providing information on compensation in cases of valid human wild life conflict.